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Part II : Education Background
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Part III : Working Experience
The College welcomes applications from applicants aged 21 or above with relevant work experience.
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Part IV : Survey
How did you learn about our College or programme information? (You may choose more than one option)
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Part V : Refund
1. Once an applicant accepts an admission offer, they are required to settle a deposit payment (Bachelor Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes: $5,000, Diploma Programme: $3,000). Unless the programme is cancelled, all fees paid by the students will not be refunded no matter they have attended classes or not, except in the event as stated in No.2 below. Applicants of Bachelor Degree Programme who have accepted an offer of admission to a UGC-funded bachelor degree programme may apply for a refund of the deposit and first instalment of tuition fees paid.
2. All fees paid will not be refunded after commencement of an enrolled programme. However, the President of the College has the right to give discretion in that regard. Only under special circumstances will such discretion be exercised.
Part VI : Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
1. The personal data you provided will be used for admission and registration purposes.
2. Please ensure that the information provided here is accurate or complete. Otherwise, the College may not be able to provide you the required services.
3. The College will keep your personal data in a secure manner, and the information could also be provided to relevant persons in the College or other persons or organisations providing services to the College.
4. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to inquire about or/and change your personal data.
5. If you need to inquire about or/and change your personal data kept in the College, please send an email to to provide the necessary details to the staff of the College.
Part VII : Declaration
1. I declare that all information given in this application form is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.
2. I have read the 'Personal Data (Privacy) Statement' as detailed in Part V.
3. I agree that if registered, I will conform to the Statutes and Regulations of the College for the time being in force.
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